Voting is now closed- Finalists will be announced Friday, November 10th!

Semifinalist Voting Process (check out our format explainer!):

1) The 36 Semifinalists you’ll see below were selected as Winner or Runner Up during one of the ‘regular season’ TechRise Pitch Competitions.

2) These Semifinalist Startups were divided into (4) randomly generated voting blocks, and from October 16-27th, your vote will help propel them to the Finale Stage.

3) On October 27th, the top (3) voted Semifinalist Startups within each voter block will be passed to an independent VC panel, who will select the (6) Finalists to pitch onstage.


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Click on the founders’ headshot to watch their TechRise pitch video!

Matthew williams

Approachable is a social networking mobile app designed to help adults make authentic, offline, face-to-face social connections! On our mobile app, users can find on-demand companions for any experiences or activities they’d prefer not to do alone, like trying new restaurants, going to movies and concerts, hitting the gym, and even simple errands like shopping every day on Approachable!

Watch Approachable’s TechRise Pitch!

Vielka Hoy

Bridge is a SaaS platform that combines deep social insights and machine learning to match students to colleges that are an academic, financial, and social fit.

Watch Bridge to College’s TechRise Pitch!

Mia Umanos

Clickvoyant is an AI data analyst that points the way to new revenue for ecommerce managers, UX designers,and Shopify Merchants by showing them what customer behaviors do and don’t lead to purchases and making recommendations on how to improve the shopper’s experience.

Watch Clickvoyant’s TechRise Pitch!

Dana Todd

Balodana Custom Fashion Lab helps clothing brands offer infinite sizes to reduce returns and increase sales, through on-demand custom manufacturing and AI-driven measurement technology.

Watch Balodana’s TechRise Pitch! 

Hubly Surgical

Casey Grage

Hubly Surgical has created the patented and FDA Cleared Hubly Drill, complete with SMART auto-stop, cordless power, and LED Force Indication, to make surgical drilling safe across all settings. We’re first starting with the high-complication, hand-cranked, most common neurosurgery: bedside craniotomy.

Check out Hubly’s Website!

Freddy Mota

makeART : an interactive art studio for the Next Gen.
Combiming tech + Ai + different art modes for you to makeART on your phone.

Watch makeART’s TechRise Pitch!

Kwamane Liddell

Nutrible builds AI Social Workers for health systems, governments, schools, and community organizations that enroll family into utility, food, housing, healthcare, and other social programs on-demand!

Check out Nutrible’s website!

Olivia Bordson

Women wear 20% of their closets, 80% of the time. Pareto’s simplified wardrobe for life on the go makes it easier than ever to put together effortless, stylish outfits. With feel-great basics and go-anywhere, shoppable outfits, all in one place.

Watch Pareto’s TechRise Pitch!

Ismael El-Amin

Join the PiggyBack community and experience the transformative power of hassle-free, shared transportation. Together, we can simplify the lives of busy parents, create a stronger sense of community and make a positive impact on the environment.


Click on the founders’ headshot to watch their TechRise pitch video!

Sophia Wennstedt

Blip energy is building a smart home battery that provides critical backup power to households, saves on household electric bills, and gives grid operators new tools and data to build a better, smarter grid for all of us

Watch blip’s TechRise Pitch!

Wendy Slone

Healing wounds from the “inside out.” bTECH’s disruptive wound care technology prevents lower extremity amputations from chronic non-healing wounds. 

Watch bTECH’s TechRise Pitch!

Eydis Lima

At Curiva we believe real-time diagnosing is the best approach to cervical cancer prevention – diaPatchTM is a wearable diagnostic patch for detection of gynecologic oncology malignancies.

Watch bTECH’s TechRise Pitch!

Jannae Gammage

A cloud based AI powered platform that verifies and derisks current and future borrowers in minutes with just 4 pieces of information.

Watch Foresight’s TechRise Pitch!

Brooke McKean

REACH is the college and career pathway that connects under-resourced students to colleges and companies in a vibrant virtual community based on Chicago Scholars’ proven curriculum serving nearly 6,000 students at 2-7X the national average. Join us in the IRL Game of Life.

Watch REACH’s TechRise Pitch!

Madilynn Beck

The Better Spot is a platform that helps certified wellness professionals connect with one another, build their client base securely and easily access studios to practice in-person.

Watch The Better Spot’s TechRise Pitch!

Ashton Clark

Ticket Falcon empowers event organizers to host successful general admission and reserved seating experiences from start to finish. We provide direct access to ticket sales revenue via our Stripe partnership. Take flight with the best solution for event registration and management.

Watch Ticket Falcon’s TechRise Pitch!

Payton McCoy

VeriLinks is a digital asset verification platform for M&A teams.

Watch VeriLinks’ pitch video!

Andrew Ramirez

Mulley is a mobile app that uses gamified giveaways and product drops to help Men’s Lifestyle brands connect with a targeted audience, generate leads and sell more products

Watch Mulley’s TechRise Pitch!


Click on the founders’ headshot to watch their TechRise pitch video!

Qudsia Khan & SANA JAFRI

Vote for babygami’s collapsible baby bottle as we help parents save space and reduce waste with interchangeable sippy cup and snack cup tops.

Watch babygami’s TechRise Pitch!

Lisandra Martinez

Bloqsy is the first blockchain-based marketplace that enables anyone to commission custom art as the perfect gift for a loved one or licensed for commercial use for your corporate clients for a flat fee.

Watch Bloqsy’s TechRise Pitch!

Mariana Padilla

KIKrr is an automated demo marketplace that makes it refreshingly simple to buy and sell cybersecurity software.

Watch KIKrr’s TechRise Pitch!

Faith Anderson

L.O.V.E. Girls empowering the next generation of girls to become amazing leaders, role models and upstanding community members.

Watch L.O.V.E. Girls’ TechRise Pitch!

Andre Johnson

LiveEquipd provides rehabilitation healthcare organizations an intelligent platform that streamlines equipment procurement, amalgamating pertinent providers and customizing search results to individual needs. This efficiency saves time, eases administrative tasks, and facilitates access to crucial equipment for patients with paralysis-related disabilities.

Watch LiveEquipd’s TechRise Pitch!

Shima Rayej

Safe Rate is a social lending platform that harnesses the power of community to lower mortgage rates and accelerate the path to homeownership.

Watch SafeRate’s TechRise Pitch!

Emmanuel Noel

Skilbi is a career exploration platform that aligns students’ interests and skills with real-world career pathways. Using our proprietary ML model we recommend careers and provide interactive challenges to build essential skills and attributes employers look for in early talent.

Watch Skilbi’s TechRise Pitch!

The Travel Landseairge

Taricka Clinton

Travel Landseairge is your gateway to effortless journey planning, curating diverse travel narratives that transform overwhelming options into personalized, enriching travel experiences.

Watch The Travel Landseairge’s TechRise Pitch!

Sujee Jeganathan

We use AI to help industrial companies to easily list and sell their excess inventory.

Visit TrustClarity’s website!


Click on the founders’ headshot to watch their TechRise pitch video!

Ursula De La Sotta

Captivating audio stories in Spanish, specially crafted for kids’ emotional growth.

Watch Cuentologia’s TechRise Pitch!

Mercedes Pickett

ER Data Solutions (ERDS) is an analysis tool that identifies a nonprofit’s effectiveness and inefficiencies while improving end-user services. ERDS utilizes the organization’s data to analyze impact and discover program insights.

Watch ER Data Solutions’ TechRise Pitch!

Lisa Bailey

FeaturesFirst Auto is an EdTech training and skills development firm who partners with fleet owners, automakers and OEMs to improve driver safety by educating drivers and owners on how to use driver assistant technologies that reduce the risk of a collision.

Visit FeaturesFirst Auto’s website!

Ritu Chakrawarty

Let our AI help your employee secure last-minute childcare.

Watch Graaphene’s TechRise Pitch!

Cierra Valor & Ashley Pradhan

IN BOLD PRINT.’s technology platform helps small to mid-sized companies in the consumer goods space measure their carbon emissions and share their sustainability journey. Think of IN BOLD PRINT. as the ‘TurboTax’ of carbon accounting.

Watch In Bold Print.’s TechRise Pitch!

Jourdan Brunson

kinkofa is the only digital family history platform intentionally designed to reconnect Black families.

Watch kinkofa’s TechRise Pitch!

Lavelle Hall

MOMLogics is a Black maternal health and wellness company helping to make the lives of busy, moms easier and helping them identify health risks early through community, coaching and technology.

Watch MOMLogics’ TechRise Pitch!

Michael Amir

OASIS: Rebuilding underserved communities one investment at a time.

Watch OASIS’s TechRise Pitch!


Josiah Hood

Testament is on a mission to make estate planning accessible for all. Testament is a free estate planning platform thanks to our partnerships with community organizations and nonprofits. We help nonprofits make the world a brighter place and we empower individuals and families to secure their financial future.

Watch Testament’s TechRise Pitch!


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